Auto-System Limited  自控系统有限公司

Our company, established in year 2000, now offers system solutions and design services of width technology spectrum to our clients including Bluetooth Modules, Embedded Systems, Mobile Application, IT Solutions and AI Applications by utilizing the best available software and hardware technologies. We provides the following design services:

  • Embedded Systems — C, C++, Python programming for Linux/Android based ARM/Intel embedded systems.
  • Mobile Application — Java and Kotlin apps for Android mobile phones.
  • IT Solutions — Website, Point-of-Sale (POS), e-Commerce, Office Automation
  • AI Applications — Pattern recognition, Real time object detection and Natural language process

Our team of width technology composed of core members with full

Experience: over 10 years’ experience in service, design and management.

Professional: possess of high academic achievements, Doctor Degree, Master Degree and Honorary Bachelor Degree.

Capability:  excellent blend of the different expertise forming powerful team for the system design services.

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